Our Process

OUR PROCESS: While many firms have a one-size-fits-all approach to their clients, Kurt and his colleagues at Harbor Financial Advisors believes that every client has a unique set of circumstances, goals and objectives. This foundational belief is what dictates that individuals receive the time and attention that affords them the comprehensive evaluation and analysis they deserve. Kurt often engages the services of other trusted peers, such as attorneys and accountants, in the course of developing and implementing financial plans for his clients. This process may also include other critical parties, be it adult children, executors and important "next of kin".

Retirement Planning: We offer advice on the most appropriate ways to receive and reinvest money from IRA's, 401(k)'s, and other qualified retirement plans. We also assist in exploring the possibility of utilizing tax-advantaged methods of taking future distributions where possible.

Income Enhancements: Certain tax advantages may be available to you through the use of accounts such as tax-deferred annuities, municipal investments and the use of properly designed trusts.

Insurance Services: Comprehensive risk management from property & casualty reviews to help ensure proper coverage and values, as well as including the use of strategies designed to help your estate to pay estate taxes for “dimes on the dollar”, rather than dollar for dollar.

Long-Term Care: We help our clients explore viable alternatives to traditional long-term care insurance, a potentially expensive option should care not be utilized. We teach you how to possibly meet such needs for care at home, or in assisted living facilities though other means such as Asset-Based LTC or living benefits available through respected insurance companies, or even the rare employment of reverse mortgage alternatives.

Estate Planning: Our firm uses a team approach when consideration estate planning needs. We have long-term relationships with various legal and tax advisors, or we can integrate the services of your existing advisors should you prefer.

Harbor Financial Advisors can address and provide a wide range of expert solutions for all the above areas of common concern, as well as many other issues unique to you and your affairs. As an Investment Advisor Representative, Kurt has over 28 years of experience as a licensed financial  advisor in the financial services industry. His years of professional and personalized advice have helped foster many, many long-term client relationships.

Harbor Financial Advisors is committed to educating their clients, including their children and executors, as to the various planning alternatives and the potential, respective benefits only after thoroughly analyzing their circumstances, goals and objectives. We believe that well-informed clients are empowered to make and commit to the best decisions only when all the facts are clearly explained and the costs and benefits are well understood and appreciated.